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Whether you wash your clothes in your home washing machine or at the launderette there are things you can do to lower the footprint and cost of your wash. If you are an average household your washing machine is the second most water intensive product in your home (yes you guessed it your toilet is the big water monster). An average washing cycle uses 50 litres of water according to waterwise - that's quite a lot of water!

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Fully load your washing machine.

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How to load a washing machine

how to load a washing machine

Richard takes us through some of the common errors when loading a washing machine.
3 minutes


How do I know the machine is full?

You can't always rely on whether the machine looks full - full as in a little over half full so the washing has room to move. The only way to be sure it to find out the machines weight capacity in kilograms (Kg). That's the dry weight of the load.

How much does my load weigh?

The easiest way to find out is to weigh yourself carrying the clothes you intend to wash then subtracting your weight from the total.

What's the maximum weight my washing machine can take?

I don't know! Try searching the web for the make of your machine and "capacity". Look for the number of Kg.

Beware of

Just washing one or two heavy things

It's because the washing in the machine needs to be balanced otherwise it won't be able to spin properly.

Stuffing the machine full

If there is no space for the clothes to move around you won't be washing your clothes properly.

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