Slow Break Away


By choosing to travel slowly you reshape your experience getting there becomes a true part of the adventure. No longer a stressful journey raced through to arrive at the destination, it becomes an experience of cultures, of subtly changing landscapes and a time to relax. Something to try? Read on ...

A square badge with a tortoise carrying a brown knapsack in the center with the words: Slow Break Away

A slow day out.

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Carl Honoré talking about Slow Travel

When we travel, so many of the benefits of slowing down intersect ...
8 minutes


Can I drive somewhere and then start my slow day out?

Not in the same day. The slow day needs to be entirely car free.

What if I want more than one slow day?

Then see the next level of this quest!

Beware of

The list

Try and stay in the moment. Don't let your mind wander to the list of things you need to do.

How the points breakdown

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Pollution and waste
  • Energy
  • Animal rights
  • Human rights
  • Education and culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Water
  • Land and community
  • Finance
  • Building
  • Biodiversity

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Do it again?

You can do this quest as many times as you like. The more times you repeat this quest, the more badges and points you will get!


This quest is part of the less-is-more collection.

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