International Day of Happiness 2015

20 March

Be Nice
Hands On Out There
Gift It - Pay It Forward
Veg Out 5 a Day
Friends Walking
Bike Route Safely

Yes! There is a global happiness day! This year it's on the 20th of March.

Did you know that being happy helps protect you against heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events! According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health it's true!10 ways to happiness

The simplest way to being happy is to smile :) Even if you have to force the smile if you hold with it your mood will soon be shifted to a postive one. Other benefits of smiling are: you are more attractive (scientific fact) and if people see your smile you start a happy virus! Yes you can make other people happy just by smiling - now that's a level 1 quest worth completing!

You'll find lot's of great resources about the day on the Day of Happiness website and the Action for Happiness website.

Of course we have lots of quests to do with happiness that are linked on the images to the left - things like eating more healthily to being nice or connecting with others. We've also listed the quests that make you happy too so check them out to see if there is an action to make you happy that you are not doing yet.

If you remember just one thing to do on this day it's to smile!

#WorldChangingMe #InternationalDayOfHappiness


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