International Day of Action for Rivers 2015

14 March

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International Day of Action for Rivers and Against Dams is an annual day of awareness raising about the importance of rivers and the problems with dams.

Dams for example are often built favour the corporate sector rather than offering benefits for the local communities like for example in this case of a dam on the Indus River in southern Pakistan. This is disturbing especially when you consider that for companies like Nestlé "access to water is not a public right"!

If this all seems a bit new to you the please read pages on the International Rivers website or more about Nestlé and their quest for water the Stop Nestlé Waters website.

As always, the quests on this site associated with this event are linked in the buttons on the left of the screen. Although we don't have any quests about Dams (yet) we do have ones about what you can do to help keep our rivers pollution free.

If you are free on the 14th of March you can find an event near you on the International Rivers events page or take part in their "Rivers Are in Our Hands photo project" which is essentially to write a river-positive message on the palm of your hand and post it along with the hashtag #RiversUniteUs on a social media channel (details on their events page).

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