Easter Bank Holiday

3 to 6 April

Wot No Money?
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We don't know what happens in your part of the world over Easter but here in the UK both the Friday and Monday (Good Friday and Easter Monday) are Bank Holidays (well technically Good Friday isn't a bank holiday but is treated as such and Scotland doesn't have the day off on the Monday but ...). They are national holidays. Meaning that everyone that works gets the day off (apart from those people that have to work, in which case they usually get extra pay).

Bank holidays are decided by the banks under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971. They were set up to regulate which days you could not deal with the banks (accept payments, make loans, bet on the value of things - I mean work the stock market - that kind of thing). Prior to the Act the Bank of England had observed far more saints days and religious holidays. After the Act we had four (plus Good Friday and Christmas Day). Bank Holidays have also been used as an emergency measure to close the stock markets at short notice like for example when the UK gold market went into melt down on the 15th of March 1968 and the top-secret "Operation Brutus" was being considered to save the UK economy.

At World Changing Me we would like to encourage you to take the period around the bank holidays to consider whether your money is in the best institution that it could be. By "best" we mean the one that is making the most postive impact on the world not necessarily the one that is making the most profit. By "postive impact" we mean that is putting your money to work in a way that is inline with your ethics. So many banks invest money in the arms trade, gmo crops, deforestation - well let's face it anything that makes them a profit - when you are not using it. There are of course exceptions: banks, building societies and credit unions with more ethical investing criteria.

The question we would like you to find the answer to is: Is my bank working for the things I believe in or against them? Is it an ethical bank account? Remember it's not just the value of the money in your savings or current bank account that they will be investing but also the money you have out on loan or as a mortgage plus at least nine times that total amount (check out the WOT NO MONEY quest - fractional reserve banking is like a magic money printing press!). It would be such a shame if you were doing all of these world changing quests only to find that your bank is working at least nine times harder at undoing all your good work!

The third level of the BANKING ETHICALLY quest is to actually move your money to a more ethical bank account if you find that you'd like your money to "be the change you are looking for in the world". We really hope you do it or at least start the quest and see far how you can get - you'll probably have to wait untill after the bank holiday to actually change bank accounts.

If you have switched all of your bank accounts to ethical ones, then feel free to choose a different quest to complete this Easter. If chocolate eggs, bunnies or chickens are your thing, check out the CHOCOLATE PARADISE quest.

Don't forget to check in to get those badges when you are done.

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