Community Clear up Day 2015 (England)

20 - 21 Mar

Keeping it Tidy
Perfect! Beach Bodies

Are you taking part in the Community Clearn Up Day in England? If yes then good on you. We hope the weather stays fine, you have fun and make new friends (and of course you tidy up lots!).

There are badges and points waiting for you here when you have completed the following quests!

If you are litter picking inland you can check in on KEEPING IT TIDY level 3 when you are done.

If you have joined a clean up event at a beach you can check in on levels 1 and 2 of PERFECT! BEACH BODIES. Why not take your camera along with you so you can do level 3 of that quest too.

#WorldChangingMe #BigTidyUp #ClearUpDay


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