Blasted Not - Worn Jeans


To our minds it is just daft to reduce the life of a pair of jeans by artificially distressing them. It seems that it happens though sometimes through a process of sandblasting the jeans. Now sandblasting is intense it involves literally blasting sand at high pressure at the jeans. It's an incredibly dusty business. If you wanted the workers to stay safe it would be a health and safety nightmare. Not all jean manufacturers care about their workers though and by not providing the necessary protective clothing are risking their employees getting silicosis, an incurable lung disease, and other ailments.

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Find out about the jean sandblasting process.

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Deathly Jeans - A film on Sandblasting

Deathly Jeans - A film on Sandblasting

This film is from 2011 so some information might be out of date, but the sandblasting process and associated health problems will be the same.
11 minutes


Where is a good place to start?

Well, Ethical Consumer have a nice overview article.

I thought major brands had a voluntary ban on sandblasting?

Well there is, but it seems that it sandblasting is still going on.

Beware of


Don't be thinking that because it's happening miles away perhaps the other side of the world it's not something that you need to worry about. This is about people, it's about some companies think it's okay when it's not.

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