Soft Target Reconditioner

Soft Target Reconditioner

Have you ever thought it odd that you wash your clothes then coat them with a load of chemicals just to keep them smelling ... well I would say "fresh" but frankly they stink of anything but natural? Fabric softeners are they worth the money or the health risks? This is your excuse to investigate them and perhaps save yourself some money.

A square badge with a magnifying glass over the word "Search" in the center with the words: Soft Target Reconditioner

Research your fabric conditioner or softener.

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The dangers of fabric softener

The Dangers of: Fabric Softener

Student Isaac Kohl's video for chemistry.
5 minutes


You don't expect me to believe some student do you?

No! We expect you to do your own research!

Beware of

Drinking toxins

(referring to the video) Do we really need to say this? Don't drink your fabric conditioner or softener.

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