Grass-roots lead community self-determination is where it's at! Where everyone is thrilled to participate in shaping their futures everyday, not just on election day. Do you feel the loss of community? These quests will help get it back.

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  • Be Nice


    Money Being nice makes the world go around. At least it makes it go round in a happier way. Being nice is infectious, so be the change and start a happy virus! Ahem, sorry about that.... read more

  • Gifts With Love


    How can the presents you purchase help the world to be a better place as well as being something that the person will love? We've got a few ideas about how to make your gift extra... read more

  • Hands On Out There


    This is all about giving something back to your community, having fun and meeting new friends. Who could resist this quest? Perhaps you spend all day inside and you want to get outside.... read more


    Knitters and crocheters are wonderful people.

    Colourful, peaceful and beautiful woolly pieces are being created all over the world to make it a better place. What's more you can... read more

  • Library Love


    Ahh the original sharing hub, your local library. Imagine if today someone had an idea to put an almost unlimited sharing network right in the heart of your community, a place you could... read more

  • Life Saving Hero


    When you were a child did you want to be a superhero when you grew up? The right job opportunity didn't show up - until now that is! These quests will turn you into a hero in no time at... read more

  • More Love Letters


    "It is a surreal feeling, to compose a letter to an individual that you have no ties to but at the same time you want the whole wide world for them. I wished them a bright day. A day... read more


    Don't you just love the Italians? Apparently it all started there with a caffè sospeso. A Suspended Coffee is an anonymous act of kindness whereby you purchase two (or more) coffees but... read more

  • Wiki Wow - Knowledge Bank

    Wiki wow - knowledge bank

    What if everyone had access to a free high-quality encyclopedia, how brilliant could we become? Share the power by adding information about the things your know to a wiki of your choice... read more

Growing Community: Moss Side Community Allotment

A short and inspiring film about why people have become involved in the Moss Side Community Allotment and what they have gotten from their involvement.

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