We've been on this planet for 5 minutes (historically speaking), destroying ecosystems in our wake it's no wonder species are dying out all over the place. It's about time the human race grew up and recognise that the future of humanity depends upon our ability to live in harmony and balance with our natural world. We need to remediate exhausted habitats and to create environments suitable for near extinct species to thrive in.

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  • Bee Friendly Gardener


    If you have a garden you can help the bees in lots of different ways. We don't mean by becoming a bee keeper (that would be an entirely different quest), we mean by, well get going with... read more

  • Bee ID Buzzing


    Bees, where would we be without bees? Starving probably, or at least on a very limited diet. Help the scientists understand what is happening to our bee population with these quests. No... read more

  • Ecocide Mad World


    The destruction of our Earthy paradise for the sake of profit is just crazy. What's more there doesn't seem to be a law against it, after all corporations have to make a profit and are... read more

  • Good Wood

    Good wood

    Forests are amazing places; full of life. The problem is that wood also grows in the forests and timber is cheap when you don't look after the land, or the people, or look to the future... read more

  • Hedgehog Street


    The are the UKs favourite species but the numbers are declining by about 5% every year. Not good news for hedgehogs and not good news for humans either as hedgehogs just love to eat the... read more


    The populations of over 40% of migratory bird species are declining and yet birds are shot for fun on their way between their winter and summer homes. Some of the birds that are being... read more

  • Save The Orangutan

    Save the Orangutan

    Palm oil is one of those ingredients that is just everywhere. It's in things that you wouldn't even have thought should have oil in! The amount of palm oil being used has just rocketed... read more

  • Treed a Lot

    Treed a Lot

    The world needs more of some things and less of others. One thing that definitely goes in the more category is trees! For one, they provide a lot of the oxygen we breathe – we certainly... read more

  • Wildest Hotel


    With natural habitats being lost to human development some species are having a tough time. Make these animal hotels to help them along. Don't have space to put them? Make them as a gift... read more


    You would be forgiven for thinking that the term "Wildlife Crime" refers to things that happen in other countries - killing for ivory, traditional remedies or importing exotic species.... read more

Crisis of Life 1/4: The Threat to Biodiversity (

Crisis of Life: This is not just about saving tigers and pandas - biodiversity is declining worldwide and every day. Extinction of species is forever. Ecosystem collapse threatens human welfare on a global basis.

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