Points, Coins and Badges

You may be wondering why a site that wants to help save the world has turned it all into a game. It's not a frivolous idea, and it's certainly not meant to undermine the seriousness of the quests. On the contrary it's meant to help. Frankly it was Morag's idea, she'd been reading a lot of book on behavioural change and game theory if you'd like a quick summary watch this short talk by Jane McGonigal.

If you are worried about intrinsic motivation, then please don't, the points aren't actually worth anything and the badges are virtual (unless you come to one of our events). The coins though, well, we are keeping that up our sleeve for the moment but don't worry there will be a intrinsic way to use them.

Please note that the badges, like all World Changing Me's original work, on this site are copyright of World Changing Me and there are restrictions on their use outside of this site, see our Terms of Use page.

How can I earn points?

Every time you check in to a quest you earn points in the World Changing areas the quest affects. The number of points varies for each quest depending on how World Changing it is.

How can I earn coins?

Coins are given to things that build community the World Changing Me website.

How to earn coins
Action Coins Repeatable
Create an account 5 No
Decide to do a quest 1 Yes
Add a photo of you doing the quest 5 Yes
Write a blog post about achieving the quest 25 Yes
Complete a quest set (3 quests) 3 No
Complete a quest set (6 quests) 6 No
Complete a quest set (9 quests) 9 No
Suggest a video that we add to the site 10 Yes
Someone you invite using the email box on your profile joins the site 5 Yes
Get a follower 5 Yes
Someone likes your blog post 2 Yes
Someone likes your photo 2 Yes
Someone likes your comment 1 Yes
Complete a collection of quests 12 No

How many points do I need for x level?

World Changer Levels
Level Points required
1 0
2 50
3 110
4 180
5 270
6 370
7 500
8 650
9 825
10 1000
11 1300
12 1600
13 2000
14 2500
15 3000
16 3600
17 4400
18 5300
19 6400
20 7700
21 9300
22 11300
23 13500
24 16300
25 20000
26 24000
27 28000
28 34000
29 41000
30 49000