Meet the Team

Morag Embletonworldchanger Morag's picture

Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director

Morag's passion is for the Earth and all living things especially trees, orangutans** and chocolate. She loves designing, making and growing things (she always has numerous seeds in her pockets that she has foraged). She did all the visual parts of the website including writing the quests and really hopes that you enjoy doing them.

She kindly asks that you don't look at the css as it is appalling and can you hang on a bit while she makes it mobile friendly, and that if you understand what that all means and you have time and skills to help that you give her a shout.

Follow Morag's quests.

Craig Embletonworldchanger Craig's picture

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Craig pretty much had no Drupal experience before starting this project. As an IT manager he had become more used to managing projects than getting his hands dirty in the code. Creating this site he began to wonder why he had ever left the programming world. He just loves to solve IT problems and has the tenacity to stay up into the early hours to get some rule or message or thing working. Working on has, in fact, bought two of his passions together. He would describe himself as a deep ecologist having studied Biology specialising in Ecology at the University of Hertfordshire. Follow Craig's quests.

Questions and Answers

January 2014

So you guys must be pretty World Changing, have you completed all of the quests?

M. We've got a long way to go. The quests are as much for us as they are for anyone else. There are somethings we are great at - say composting, some things we are getting better at like growing veggies and checking ingredient lists for palm oil and testing on animals, and lots of things we need to get on with like using the car less and sending no waste to the landfill each fortnight. There's always so much more one can do. That's part of the reason for creating this site.

Which quest is the biggest challenge for you?

C. M. For me, at the moment, it's about zero waste. I can see that compared to our neighbours we are putting out less landfill bin bags each fortnight and more recycling bags, but I'd like to get it down to zero waste. I think I'll start with Bins Busted, Challenge: Plastic Free and move on to the Zero Waste Challenge.

What quest would you most like to see on the site that currently isn't?

C. M. Changing your bank account to one that is ethical. It's something I've been meaning to do for my personal bank account for years. If I write a quest for it I know I'll get on and do it.

You have the same surname, why's that?

M. We're married! Have been for years, decades even. ** bonobos, dogs, her cats and ducks, elephants, barn owls - actually probably every animal.