How it works

spot-the-difference-lifestyle-choices-worldchangingmeWe believe that individuals are the key to making the world a better place.

If you think it's governments that change the world, then we'd say but who votes them in? You might say that all the candidates are the same chosen by someone else with a hidden agenda, then we'd say but who do they think has to follow the rules?

You might say that corporations have more power than governments anyway, then we'd say but who buys their products?

You see you have a lot of power, it's just really difficult to see it. After all, those daily things you do don't really add up to much do they? Or do they? You see it's not just you, it's all of you, all of us. That's why we have put a big area on the home page with for a number - the number of positive actions that we all have taken (well everyone that you remember to check in on).

So do small actions count? Yes! What's more, the more we talk about doing the right thing, the more normal it becomes and then even the people who wouldn't previously have given that kind of thing a second thought are doing the right thing - it's a crazy peer pressure fact for adults and kids.

We don't want you to stop at the easy things though, we'd like you to go further wherever and whenever you can. After all we are all leaders in creating a better world. So we've put the quests into sets starting with the easiest and cheapest first, working up to things that are more difficult or more expensive to achieve. For example you can choose do eat your five a day, but can you make all five organic, or harder still, organic and either fairtrade or locally grown? Eating something that is organically produced has obvious environmental benefits over something that isn't and eating something that is traded fairly or grown locally has more positive benefits (human rights and economy) than something that isn't.

How do I make my actions count?

Your actions have always counted! To make them count on this website you first need to register as a World Changer. Then either go to the home page and click on the world changing area that you are most interested in - Travel, Food, Pollution and Waste etc, or click on the drop down menu under the words "Make a difference" and choose one of the world changing areas from there. Find a quest that you are interested in doing (or are doing already), click on the "Lets get started" button, then when you have completed that quest, go back to the quest, go to the "Post and Check in" tab and check in. It's at that point that your action will be added to the home page total. There's a little more to it, but you'll find out about that once you've registered and started. Go World Changer !!