Why haven't you got a quest about x/y/z?

We haven't put all of the quests on the website yet, it might be on the list. On the other hand we might not have thought of that yet.

Why are all the links to things in the UK?

We are based in the UK so we have targeted the first phase of this site to here. Let us know where you are in the world by completing your profile so know which country to do next. If you'd like to volunteer to help us translate this site into your language/make more relevant to where you live, please let us know.

What should I do if I think someone is cheating for example used the same photograph many times?

Flag the post as inappropriate. For all the rules, check out the Terms of Use page.

What should I do if someone has put an abusive message, photo or blog on the site?

Flag it as inappropriate. For all the rules, check out the Terms of Use page.

What happens when I flag something as inappropriate?

The post is hidden from you when you are logged in and we are sent an email message telling us to go and investigate. If four other people also flag it as in appropriate it is automatically hidden from everyone and the points/coins that the the person has received are removed. A message is sent to the person whose check in/photo/blog post has been removed.

My check in/photo/blog post has disappeared from the site, where has it gone?

If it's been removed because five people have flagged it as inappropriate,you will have a message in your World Changing Me account. If there is no message from us then it's a technical error either with your computer or our server. In which case there is nothing we can do about it. Sorry.

What happens when someone follows me?

They will get messages (on their dashboard) about the quests you have started and checked in, any photos or blogs you have posted, and the badges that you have been awarded.

Why do you request that people blog or evidence their quest with a photograph?

We watched this TED talk by Alex Laskey that confirmed what we thought. Alex describes why people change what they do. Is it because of looming environmental disaster? No. Is it to save money? Not really. Is it because your neighbour or friend is doing it? Yes. Can you believe it? Even as adults it's all about peer pressure. So to cut a long story short, by putting up photos and writing about your experiences you are helping to create new social norms – ones that make the world a better place. Pretty cool eh?

Why do you link to Amazon/another big corporation?

Of course we'd prefer that you make, borrow or purchase things from your local company wherever you can, but we are realists and we know that it's a big step to get rid of your Amazon account if you already have one. We offer the choice and it's your choice. We hope that Corporations will become a force for good, and some already are the likes of LUSH for example. To change though, we as customers need to be more particular with our purchases. Please don't feel that you are helping us because of the Amazon* affiliate link they don't really give much of a price percentage compared to smaller companies. You can always give directly to us via our online payments if you'd like to support us.

Why do you have quests about signing petitions?

It's a really easy thing to do and introduces you to the “democratic process” if you have never been involved before - which is an education in it's self. We understand though that politicians and companies can take a very long time to change their views (if they change them at all) so we'd always hope that you move on to the more difficult quests which involve actually doing something, like voting with your purchases – shopping IS a political act - or getting involved with an alternative system.

How do I delete my account?

So sorry you want to leave. contact us and we'll delete it for you - we're going to make this a thing that you can do, but haven't done that yet. Please let us know why you are leaving so that we can make this site better. When we delete your account all your photos, blogs and comments will be deleted too.